Reactions to change: The results of implementing the Right-To-Read program in one rural Texas school

Braune, Veriena May
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Theories and studies of educators and researchers who have found educational systems resistant to change are supported by this study that focuses on the attempt to implement new ideas and innovations into a school system's curriculum and instructional program. A case study of one small rural Texas school that became involved in the National Right-to-Read Effort in 1974 that called for change is reported by the researcher who not only taught in the school system, but was appointed to a position in which her major function was on of change agent. Data that were collected over a 10-year period show that when a stable traditional system, governed by an administration entrenched in a bureaucratic mode and staffed predominantly by teachers entrenched in a traditional style of teaching, was confronted with change, the environment became one of turmoil. A struggle between a group of traditional advocates versus a group of change advocates arose over the development of a reading program for the school, that ended in the nonrenewal of two change advocates who filed and won a federal law suit against the school district.

Educational innovations in Texas, Texas education law, Reading teachers