Assisted goal setting and meaning and purpose of life in the aged




Sims, Cynthia

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The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a difference between the purpose in life scores of elderly nursing home residents before and after assisted goal setting as compared to the scores of elderly retirement village residents before and after assisted goal setting. The sample under investigation was selected from 1 nursing home and 1 retirement village. The sample consisted of 25 caucasian individuals aged 65 years and older; 22 of which were female, while 3 participants were male. All participants in the study were administered the Purpose-in-Life Test before and after the assisted goal setting procedure. The t-test and ANCOVA were then used for determining statistical significance at the .05 level. Results revealed that no significant differences were apparent within groups after the treatment procedure. A significant difference was evident between the 2 groups on the posttest. Findings were discussed and suggestions made for further research.



Elderly, Nursing home environment, Retirement village, Purpose in life