Factors associated with food insecurity of Texas Woman’s University (Denton campus) freshmen

Brito Silva, Francilia K.
Wang, Wanyi
Moore, Carolyn E.
Davis, Kathleen Elizabeth
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The purpose of this cross-sectional study conducted in August 2020 was to explore factors associated with higher levels of Food Insecurity (FI) among freshman students at TWU. The survey questionnaire included demographic, FI, and financial characteristics. Chi-square tests and Fisher’s exact test were used to examine the relationships between FI and other factors using SPSS. Seventy-three participants were included. They were 94.9% females, 91.8% 18-19 years old; 64.4% non-white; 43.5% using Pell grants and 67.7% scholarships. FI among freshmen was 54.2%. Students whose mother had a college degree, whose father was employed full-time, who identified their family financial situation better than others, and who did not obtain personal student loans were more likely to have high food security. This study suggests that future interventions should target freshmen who obtain personal student loans or have parents with less than a college degree, and unstable employment status.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium