The effect of music and reminiscence on the mood of elderly persons with dementia




Lee, Hwa-Jin

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of music and reminiscence on the mood of persons who are elderly with dementia. Ten participants who resided in a nursing home were randomly assigned to one of three groups: music and reminiscence. reminiscence. and control. The two treatment groups had two 30-minute sessions per week, over nine weeks. The music-based reminiscence treatment consisted of (1) introduction of topic. (2) visual props presentation. (3) music listening or singing. (4) discussion. and (5) singing. Because musical activities were only included in the music and reminiscence group. the reminiscence group was given song lyrics. but did not sing the songs. The only difference between the two treatment groups was the involvement of the music. Before and after each session. all participants were asked to indicate their level of happiness, confusion, and anger on the Visual Analogue Mood Scales (VAMS). The collected data were analyzed to examine the effects of the music and remmiscence within groups and between groups. To determine the difference within groups, a related means t-test was used. The results indicated a significant difference in

the happiness scale between pretest and posttest scores for the music and reminiscence group, while no other significant differences were found. To determine the difference between groups, a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was used. The results showed no significant effects of music and reminiscence on the mood of the participants. This research indicated positive improvements in the perceived level of happiness for the music and reminiscence participants. Howevever, it is difficult to generalize these findings to all elderly people with dementia because of possible influential factors, such as the sample size. The number of elderly persons with dementia in the U.S. is growing, so is the need for suitable therapeutic interventions. Therefore, replication of this study



Music therapy for older people, Dementia, Reminiscing, Elder care facility activities