The glycemic index of cottonseed protein and fiber in a mixed meal with non-diabetic college females

Weaver, Deborah Lynne
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The Glycemic Index (GI) is the area under the two-hour blood glucose curve for each food expressed as a percentage of the area under the curve of an equicarbohydrate portion, usually 50 grams, of white bread. The cottonseed bread was previously tested at Texas Woman's University resulting in a GI of 83.5. Currently scientists are debating whether these results occur in mixed meals and to what degree. This study investigated the effect of a mixed meal with cottonseed bread and a developed cottonseed fruit spread on 10 healthy non-diabetic college females. Blood glucose levels were measured at 0 (fasting), 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. All subjects ate one white bread meal, standard GI of 100, and one mixed meal over two consecutive weekends. Cottonseed meal blood glucose responses were confirmed to be beneath those for white bread. The mean Glycemic Index for the cottonseed meal was 70.8 .

Glycemic index., Diabetes diet therapy, Cottonseed analysis, Complex carbohydrate diet, Fiber in human nutrition