Distress and immigration status: Depression levels of Ethiopian immigrants and native Israeli adolescents

Gardner, Sarah L.
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The purpose of this study was to determine the depression levels of Ethiopian immigrants and native Israeli adolescents, and to determine if there is a difference between the two groups. A review of the literature described adolescence as a time of turmoil in life, where the individual faced new challenges. That might explain adolescents' drastic mood swings. However, the literature indicates no consensus regarding the effect of immigration on adolescent emotional health.

The finding of this study showed that depression among adolescents is different among those with different immigration status. The study was a descriptive comparison between two groups, Ethiopian immigrants and native Israelis. Eighty-two adolescents were in the sample, 30 Ethiopian immigrants and 52 native Israelis. A t-test statistic was used on the data. A significant difference in depression levels was found between these two groups of adolescents.

Health and environmental sciences, Psychology, Adolescent emotional health, Immigration and adolescents