The gender and cultural difference effect of family communication patterns on self esteem and relationship satisfaction of women




Burchfield, Jessica Lynn

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Texas Woman's University


This research study will examine the relationship of family communication patterns, self esteem, and relationship satisfaction. This study had 263 participants who were college students from a public university in the southwest who completed a series of questionnaires: (a) a Demographic Questionnaire, (b) a family communication patterns scale, the Revised Family Communication Patterns scale (RFCP; Ritchie & Fitzpatrick, 1990), (c) a self esteem scale, the Rosenberg Self Esteem scale (RSES; Rosenberg, 1965), and (d) a relationship satisfaction measure, a sub-scale of the Perceived Relationship Quality Components Inventory (PRQC; Fletcher, Simpson, & Thomas, 2000). Relationships between family communication patterns, self esteem, and relationship satisfaction were examined. Results indicated that there was a significant relationship between self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. However, other data concluded that family communication patterns do not have a significant impact on relationship satisfaction or self-esteem.



Communication and the arts, Social sciences, Psychology, Communication, Communication patterns, Family communication, Relationship satisfaction, Self esteem, Women