Baby boomers and hospice use: A quantitative look at grief




Rathbun, Ann

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This purpose of this study was to determine if hospice influences the level of grief in Baby Boomers. The individuals (n = 157) surveyed were categorized as “Hospice Users” and “Non-Hospice Users.” Participants were asked to respond to the 26-item Texas Revised Inventory of Grief (Faschingbauer, 1979) for measuring grief. Each respondent was given two grief scores (Past Behavior and Present Feelings). Demographic information (age of respondent, age of deceased, time since the death occurred, and cause of death) was collected to delimit factors possibly influencing grief scores. Data were interpreted using both one-way and two-way analysis of variance. It was discovered that, in the population surveyed, hospice did not make a significant difference in the level of grief for participants. Findings also included no significant difference in grief scores based on age of deceased, age of respondent, or cause of death. The time since death occurred was found to be significant (p < .05) in the present feelings of participants whose loved one died more than 60 months prior to the survey.



Health and environmental sciences, Baby boomers, Grief, Hospice