High school music educators: Influencing the career choices of future music therapists

Peters, Sarah
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The purpose of this study was to investigate Texas high school music teachers' awareness of music therapy as a possible career option for their students. This research was divided into two parts: a content analysis of music education publications and a survey of Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) high school music educators. A search of music education publications from 1945–2009 yielded 40 articles that discussed music therapy in some capacity. The survey portion of this research was completed online by 381 high school music educator members of TMEA. The majority of the participants responded that they were only somewhat to not at all familiar with music therapy as a profession. A discussion and recommendations for future action and research in order to further inform music educators about music therapy as a potential career option for their students follow the findings from this research.

Communication and the arts, Education, Music education, Secondary education