Phenological Studies in The Bettye Myers Butterfly Garden

Villatoro, Grecia
Maier, Camelia
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Phenology is the examination of recurring seasonal natural phenomena, such as plants’ first blooms or pollinator species’ first or last appearance, in relation to climate. Plant phenology and plant-pollinator interaction networks can give sensitive information on how plant and pollinator communities are responding to climate change. The mutualistic plant- pollinator relationships are greatly affected by climate change and one of the consequences could be pollinator population decline which in turn negatively affect plant pollination. The goal for this research project is to determine the phenological changes in the TWU Butterfly Garden and their effects on pollinators. Soil moisture, soil and air temperature, and soil pH data were collected weekly. The timing of flowering and first appearances of pollinators will be recorded and compared to previous years’ observations on iNaturalist. This study will provide valuable data to determine phenological changes in an urban pollinator garden in north Texas.