A comparison of perceived levels of occupational stress in employed women




Trainor, Christine

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The purpose of the research was to determine if there was a difference between perceived levels of occupational stress between the experimental group of employed, married, female Jazzercisers, and the comparison group of employed, married, female sedentary subjects. Three null hypotheses were tested. The Occupational Stress Index (OSI) included three subscales, and a total of 78 OSI's with accompanying demographic forms were distributed to group subjects. Of these, eight were eliminated in order to obtain equal sample sizes of 35 subjects in each group. The data were analyzed using the BMDP statistical package and included descriptive statistics. Multiple analysis of variance was used to test the hypotheses, which were tested at a .05 level of significance. No difference was found in perceived levels of occupational roles stress or personal strain between employed, marri ed women who Jazzercised and those who were sedentary. A statistically significant difference was found in personal coping resources between groups.