Enter the Phoenix: An ecofeminist analysis of "X-men: The Dark Phoenix Saga"

Lowe, Whitnee C.
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My thesis examines two characters from the graphic novel X-men: The Dark Phoenix Saga through an ecofeminist lens. I first explore the negative and positive metaphors concerning women and nature represented through the character Jean Grey and her two alternate personas. The second part of the thesis introduces the character Wolverine and explores the man-nature metaphors he represents. Finally, I conclude by analyzing the different facets of the man-nature and woman-nature metaphors. Though there is a great deal of research on the man-culture/woman-nature dichotomy, ecofeminism has yet to establish a substantial body of academic work on the mannature/woman-nature dualism. My thesis, therefore, generates new discourse within ecofeminism about gender essentialism, new dualistic pairings, and their depictions within graphic novels, thus raising awareness of contemporary media's simultaneous objectification of women and nature.

Social sciences, Comic books, Ecofeminism, Graphic novels, Nature, Woman, X-men