The relationships among nursing diagnoses and community agencies and services required for lung cancer patients at discharge




Sheppard, Kathleen C.

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Complexity of care must be described, especially in light of health care trends. This study was designed to investigate if nursing diagnoses presented at discharge from the hospital accurately describe the complexity of care, i.e., type of agency needed and services required, for lung cancer patients receiving referrals to the community. The Prism Model of Nursing was used as the conceptual framework in an explanatory, nonexperimental research design. A sample of 196 lung cancer patients with referrals to the community at discharge was described by types of nursing diagnoses; types of agencies needed and services required; and by age, sex, race, economic status, and hospital length of stay. Using multiple logistic regression, models were developed to predict types of agencies and services required. The findings support the conceptual framework. It was concluded that nursing diagnoses describe complexity of care and provide a basis for prediction and allocation of resources.



Nursing, Health and environmental sciences, Lung cancer, Medical diagnosis, Patient admissions