Sensory processing and social participation in children with autism spectrum disorders




Maas, Christene

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The purpose of this study was to examine children with ASD in a school setting for evidence of sensory processing patterns and explore for a relationship between sensory processing problems and social participation in school.

For twenty-one student participants with ASD, the Sensory Profile School Companion was completed by teachers to determine sensory processing patterns and the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS) was completed by speech therapists to assess social competence for social participation. Data analysis indicated the most frequent atypical sensory processing pattern was sensory avoidance. Moderate significant correlations were present for the relationship between sensory avoiders and overall total social competence and also between sensory avoiders and the social cognition subscale on the SRS. Compared to other research, more typical ranges in sensory processing patterns and social participation were found within this population.



Health and environmental sciences, Education, Elementary education, Special education