Initial perceptions of preschool teachers in the nascent stage of employing the Classroom Assessment Scoring System as a professional development tool




Cox, Kristy Joy

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The primary purpose of this qualitative, phenomenological study was to capture the initial perceptions of preschool teachers as they were introduced to the Pre-K Classroom Assessment Scoring System TM measure and to explore what the use of this tool meant for them regarding their ability to grow professionally. The use of technology served as a platform for collecting data from a small cohort of preschool teachers as they were introduced to the Pre-K CLASS TM measure as a means of their professional development. An electronic interview tool (SurveyMonkey) and a participant blog was designed to elicit dialogue and capture insights into the lived experiences of these preschool educators. The data corpus was themed via the phenomenological methodology. Two research questions framed the study. The first research question was "How do teachers perceive the use of the Pre-K CLASSTM as a professional development tool?" This research question was designed to request the voice of participants regarding their perceptions about the Pre-K CLASS TM tool. The second research question was, "What insights do teachers have regarding how Pre-K CLASS TM data can be useful for them in order that they can grow as professionals?" The results of this study indicated that preschool teachers recognized the Pre-K CLASS TM measure as trustworthy, beneficial and an effective guide for their professional growth due to the tangible, helpful and developmental manner in which resources were designed. Participants also found the measure to offer windows of opportunity for them, their profession and the children within their sphere of teaching influence.



Child Development, CLASS, Head start, Reflective practice, Social learning theory