Maternal identity, role satisfaction and employment among first-time mothers




Powell, Elizabeth Cathryn

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The relationship between employment resumption time, maternal identity and maternal satisfaction was investigated in 43 adult employed first-time mothers. The study used a descriptive correlational design. Maternal identity was measured by the Semantic Differential Scale-Myself as Mother (SD-Self) and maternal satisfaction by the Gratification Checklist (GRAT). Data was analyzed using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. No significant relationship was found between employment resumption time and maternal identity (r = .1348) or between employment resumption time and maternal satisfaction (r =.1601). Maternal identity was significantly correlated with maternal role satisfaction (r =.5550).

Additional analysis revealed that early employment resumption was significantly related to subjects' identifying themselves in careers rather than jobs (r =.2642) and working more hours per week (r =.2586). The correlation between maternal satisfaction and educational level (r = .2211) approached significance at the.077 level indicating that satisfaction was negatively related to educational level. The finding that maternal identity was positively related to work satisfaction (r =.2753) may not be meaningful since the majority of women not satisfied with employment rated themselves as neutral.



Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Maternity leave