Systematic observation of coach feedback in elite youth volleyball




Mann, Mark

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The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship of coach feedback during time-outs to the performance of 16-18 year old volleyball players in competitive match play. Systematic observation of coach feedback during 89 time-outs was recorded using the Coach Time-Out Observation Instrument (CTOOI). For the 879 feedback statements that were made during the timeouts, the CTOOI categorized coach feedback as to technical, tactical, or psychological. Data from the Game Performance Assessment Instrument were collected for the setter. Multiple regression did not show any feedback strategy to be significant for the entire group of setters in terms of performance improvement. However, for higher skilled setters, significant improvement in setter performance occurred when feedback was tactically oriented towards the tactical opponent in combination with technical internal feedback. For lower skilled setters, improvement in setter decision-making was significantly related to time-out feedback characterized by psychologically encouraging over and above discouraging remarks.


Article originally published in International Journal of Emergency Services, Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, 33–57. English. Published online 2014.
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Competitive match play, Coach Time-Out Observation Instrument (CTOOI), Game Performance Assessment Instrument


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