Relationship in health habit variables to grade point average and number of infractions in female parochial high school students

Green, Lisa Dawn Le Blanc
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The purpose of this study was to identify the determinants of success among students at an all girls' private parochial high school. This study examined relationships between health habits and student GPA and school infractions. Convenience sampling was used to obtain a study sample of 164 junior-level female students at Ursuline Academy College Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas. Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire pertaining to their current health habits and personal characteristics. Data on race and age were not collected as part of the study. Descriptive statistics was used to describe the study sample, and stepwise regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between health habit variables and student GPA and infractions. Results revealed that when the 11 health habit variables were used in the regression analysis, the significant predictor variables of grade point average were meal habits, diet, and sleep. Together they accounted for 13.5% of the variance of GPA. The significant health predictor variable for number of student infractions was meal habits. It accounted for 3% of the variance in the number of student infractions. These results indicate that meal habits, diet, and sleep are aspects of academic success. Although the results were significant, the relationships are weak. The level of importance of all of these relationships has to be determined by school personnel.

Social sciences, Education, Girls, Grade point average, Health habit, High school students, Parochial, Private education