Right intent: Thomas Aquinas and the war on drugs in Latin America and the Caribbean




Edghill, Michael W.

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The purpose of this study was to examine the ‘just war’ doctrine of Thomas Aquinas and apply it to the drug wars in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to determine if the prosecution of these ‘wars’ is to be considered just. In order to do so, key components had to be examined and, in some cases, whole concepts required thorough analysis regarding how they are applied. This included evaluations of the nature of drug cartels, the concept of sovereignty, and various ‘just war’ theories. To effectively examine this topic, reading the works of Jean Bodin, Thomas Hobbes, and Thomas Aquinas was necessary as was research into different interpretations of ‘just war’ doctrine. Based upon the research and analysis, it was determined that the rhetorical phrase ‘war on drugs’ is wholly inappropriate and that the actions taken in the prosecution of this ‘war’ and not to be considered just.



Social sciences, Aquinas, Thomas, Caribbean, Drugs, Just war, Latin America