Wings of the Morning: A novel




Edwards, George, Jr.

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Wings of the Morning is a contemporary investigation of the age-old relationship between faith and reason. It is a novel of philosophical development which traces the metaphysical journey of a south Texas country boy from the faith of his childhood, through a rationalistic adolescence in which he abandons and disparages faith, to his resumption of faith within the hyper-rational setting of a New England university. Chronologically, the novel spans the mid-fifties through the early seventies of the twentieth century and offers some inevitable commentary on that socio-politically turbulent time-period. On the anthropological level, the novel explores the inadequacy of reason as a guide for life, and how that inadequacy can lay a foundation for the return of a life of faith. On the theological level, the novel is a story of the reclamation of a life by God, hence the title taken from Psalm 139:8-10.



Religious fiction, Bildungsroman, Christian fiction