An Analysis of Relationship among CO2 Emissions, GDP, Population, and Energy Use on a Global Scale




Pang, Wei Qi
Gratch, Jonathan
Zhang, Jian

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This project analyzes the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and life expectancy globally from 2012 to 2014 and explores how other energy-related factors affect life expectancy. CO2 is a primary driver that caused global temperature rise and led to climate change. CO2 emissions are different by region according to the situation of the economy and human factors. Therefore, serval problems need to be analyzed. First, what is the difference between CO2 emissions in the high gross domestic product (GDP) and low GDP countries, and how to determine and label GDP? Second, do countries with larger populations consume more energy and affect CO2 emissions more? Third, what is the difference between life expectancy in countries with high CO2 emissions and low CO2 emissions? This project adopts exploratory data analysis methods and machine learning to identify the relationship based on the patterns between variables of data sources from The World Bank. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jonathan Gratch)