The effect of fast speech rate on stuttering frequency during delayed auditory feedback




Sparks, Garen

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Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) has been documented to improve fluency in those who stutter. The increased fluency has been attributed to the slowed speech rate induced by DAF, but recent experiments have suggested that increasing the speech rate may also decrease stuttering under DAF. This investigation described the effect of combining a fast speech rate and DAF on the fluency of four people who stutter. Fluency of the two mildly dysfluent subjects was the same for both no DAF and DAF conditions at normal and at fast oral reading rates. In contrast, the two severely dysfluent subjects improved in fluency from the no DAF to the DAF conditions. They were found to be dysfluent at both normal and fast oral reading rates without DAF. However, they produced fluent speech when using a fast oral reading rate during all DAF conditions. The results of the study point to the need for further research on the relationship between speech rate and stuttering frequency under conditions of DAF and no DAF.



Tempo, Speech perception, Stuttering, Speech disorders, Speech, Hearing