Using peer assisted learning strategy (PALS) to increase reading comprehension




Flint, Patricia L.

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According to a report from 2013‐14, English language learners (ELLs) constitute 10.10% of the U.S. student population in public schools (Snyder, de Brey, & Dillow, 2016). Many experience academic difficulties either due to language deficits or poorlearning skills, especially in reading (Boon & Barbetta, 2017). However, this is not surprising because most classroom tasks require skilled reading abilities. Practitioners need access to research based reading strategies that are effective, regardless of language and reading ability levels. PALS is one method that practitioners could use to address this need. This review of literature covers school based implementation of PALS for students with and without disabilities illustrates a number of observations. PALS strategies have been demonstrated as effective in increasing reading comprehension across a range of grade and ability levels.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Improved reading achievement, Low-average students, High-average students, Partner reading, Reading ability