A comparison of two methods for teaching principles of the fat-controlled, low sodium diet

Berg, Regina Elizabeth
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This study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a slide-tape recording presentation in teaching basic principles of the fat -controlled, low sodium diet. Thirty male subjects of the study sample were randomly assigned to one of two equal groups. One group was taught principles of the diet by a slide-tape recording presentation an d the other by a verbal diet instruction. After instruction, each subject completed a questionnaire and post-test. Then the counseling session resumed. Time was recorded for each session. An evaluation also was completed . Results from the post-test indicated no significant difference between the groups, however, the dietitian' s time was shorter f or the slide-tape group. Therefore, both the slide - tape and the verbal diet instruction have the same degree of effectiveness in teaching basic principles of the fat controlled, low sodium diet. How ever, the slide -tape is a more efficient method, in regard to time.

Cardiovascular system, Nutrition counseling, Diet therapy, Low-fat diet, Study and teaching, Audio-visual aids, Education, Nutrition