Success of entering college freshmen taking developmental mathematics at Texas Woman's University




Kosine, Jessica Rachelle

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The purpose of this study was to measure the overall success in students' performances using several different variables in developmental mathematics when comparing the redesign and paired redesign course to traditionally taught lecture and computer based developmental mathematics courses at Texas Woman's University.

This study followed a design similar to the University of Alabama. The design implemented by the University of Alabama was aimed toward differentiating weaker and stronger students. The weaker students received special instruction to stress key mathematical concepts, while stronger students were allowed to work on their homework at their own pace. Texas Woman's University slightly modified this design. Traditional computer and lecture based courses with the same course curriculum were used as control groups for comparisons.

Statistical analyses revealed the results from this study supported the redesign effort. Data supported that students who were enrolled in the redesign or paired redesign courses produced, overall, greater mean scores than students who were enrolled in traditionally taught lecture and computer based courses.



Mathematics, Pure sciences, Higher education, Education