Is there a difference in fat preference among differing ethnic groups and will it be a predictor of BMI?




Barnes, Jessica

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Obesity, a multi-factorial chronic disease, affects a large portion of the population within the United States. This study was designed to determine whether or not differences in preference for high fat foods exist among ethnic groups and if these preferences would be a predictor of body mass index. Sixty-eight healthy females, ages 18–40, participated in both sensory evaluation of muffins containing different levels of fat and responded to a food preference questionnaire. No statistically significant difference was found in regards to preference for high fat muffins among the ethnic groups, however, comparing the individual food items on the questionnaire, African American and Hispanic populations had higher preferences for a variety of high fat food items. This study revealed a reported preference between ethnicity and specific high fat foods, but no difference was found in regards to ethnicity and overall actual and reported preference for high fat food.



Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Ethnic studies