A comparative investigation of parent and student attendance at IEP/transition meetings for students with disabilities

Sanders, Margaret Ann Roden
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The objective of this study was to investigate the attendance patterns of parents and students at IEP/transition meetings where transition plans for students with disabilities are developed. Transition plans were developed to determine the level of assistance the student with disabilities required as he/she graduates or ages out of public school. Parent and student participation in the transition planning process is important to the successful outcomes for the student.

An investigation of parents' and students' attendance at the IEP/transition meeting for students with disabilities was conducted. This research study determined the percentage of parents' and students' attendance at the IEP/transition meeting according to the students' disability category, ethnicity, and level of students' instructional settings. The parents' and students' attendance at the IEP/transition meeting was also examined according to the students' state assessment level, age, grade, gender, and socio-economic status. Another area of this investigation examined at what grade the students' last Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) was conducted and if this affected the parents' and students' attendance at the IEP/transition meeting.

The participants of this study included high school students with disabilities in grades nine through twelve from three different high schools of a suburban public school district in Texas. This research examined the existing data obtained from the students' special education eligibility folders. Student participants had to meet specific criterion established for the study. Two hundred eighty-four students with the primary eligibility of learning disability, mental retardation, or emotional disturbance were used in this study.

A total of 170 parents of the 284 participants attended the IEP/transition meeting of the students, and 114 parents did not attend. A total of 245 students of the 284 participants attended, and 39 parents did not attend.

Education, Attendance at IEP meetings, IEP meeting, Individualized Education Program, Special education, Student attendance at IEP meetings, Students with disabilities, Transition, School administration, Parent participation, Student participation, Disabled students