The Five Anchors of Impact: Teaching in challenging times




Trujillo-Jenks, Laura
Fredrickson, Rebecca R.

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Watching a rock being thrown into the water can be exciting as the ripples reach out, often in ways that are unexpected. Teaching has those same opportunities of rippling into the unexpected. Teaching and learning can be fun, exciting, and different for each person. There are numerous teachable moments that encourage deep thinking and a curriculum that inspires a thirst for more knowledge. Even when one student asks a question that throws you off your game, teaching and learning can still be fun, exciting, and different; these are the expected. It can also be scary, overwhelming, and difficult, especially when the unexpected is thrown your way. Nevertheless, the expected and the unexpected have an impact on what we do in the classroom.


Article originally published in Faculty Focus. English. Published Online 2020.
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Teachable moments, Teaching and learning, Online learning


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