Growing healthy kids: parents' of preschoolers perceptions based on hours worked, work status, and ethnicity

Groves, Angela
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Texas Woman's University

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship/differences between the pre-kindergarteners' parents/guardians' hours worked, work status, and ethnicity on the influence scores: nutrition interest, nutrition and physical activity as a major concern for their family, and weight as a major influence of their child's physical and psychological development. A questionnaire was used to obtain the desired information. Forty-three parents/guardians' of pre-kindergarteners aged 18 to 45 years participated in the study. Most participants indicated a desire to receive obesity prevention information. No parent indicated s/he did not want information about nutrition and physical activity. Also, Hispanic and unemployed participants realized the impact of weight on their child's physical and psychological development. It is clear that participants from the present study understood the importance of obesity prevention for their children. Cultural sensitivity should be addressed when planning educational programs, particularly when the need exists to target a specific ethnic group.

Children -- Nutrition, Obesity in children, Parents -- Nutrition of children