Frequency of use of an onsite fitness center in relation to job satisfaction and absenteeism




DeMeo, Christine

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Attempts to contain health care costs at the worksite have focused on health promotion as a possible solution. The study, conducted at the Xerox facility in Lewisville, Texas, examined utilization of an onsite fitness center in relation to job satisfaction and absenteeism. A secondary problem was to identify reasons for nonparticipation in fitness center activities among employees. Of 281 survey packets distributed, 72 sets of returned questionnaires were complete for analyses. Two instruments were used: the Job Descriptive Index (Smith et al., 1969) and the Employee Data Questionnaire, a tool developed by the researcher. Significant correlations were found between the employees' self-reported levels of activity and satisfaction with work (K=.3058) and pay (K=.3642) as measured by the JDI. Reasons for nonparticipation included: prolonged work hours, fitness needs were met elsewhere, and lack of motivation. There was a nonsignificant negative correlation between frequency of use of the fitness center and days missed because of illness.



Health and environmental sciences, Education, Psychology