Incorporating Every Moment Counts Initiative into a Behavioral Support Classroom for K-4 Students




Stucky, Sarah

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In today's fast-paced world, the well-being of children, particularly their emotional regulation skills, has become a paramount concern. This capstone project advocates for the integration of occupational therapy as a crucial element in supporting children's emotional regulation to enhance classroom engagement and participation. Through the conducted literature review, it was found that a significant portion of adolescents suffer from depressive symptoms, emphasizing the critical need for early intervention in emotional regulation. By collaborating with a local school district's Therapeutic Education Program (TEP), which serves students with behavioral health concerns, this project aimed to implement evidence-based strategies such as mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning activities modified from the Every Moment Counts initiative. The project sought to fill the existing gap in occupational therapy services within the TEP, targeting emotional regulation and active engagement in occupational activities. Weekly mindfulness activities and social-emotional learning sessions were planned over an 8-week duration, with a focus on integrating these interventions seamlessly into the school environment. By working closely with educators, administrators, and mental health professionals, the project aimed to foster a supportive atmosphere conducive to emotional well-being and academic success. Evaluation of the interventions were carried out through observations and feedback from classroom staff, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the holistic development and success of students within the TEP program.



Occupational therapy, Emotional regulation, Self-regulation, Mindfulness practices, Social emotional learning, Classroom students, Behavioral health, School-based mental health, School engagement, Occupational participation