Family therapy students' perceptions of creativity after using the Building Therapy Solutions Tool: A mixed methods study




Grandjean, Brian

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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that creativity can be enhanced when therapists complete a training designed to teach and increase their understanding and skill about both creativity, in general, and the use of a therapeutic creativity tool, specifically. A second purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a 3-hour workshop that focused on teaching therapists how to use the Building Therapy Solutions Tool as a creative tool during therapy. Along with responding to a quantitative measure, participants responded to open-ended questions addressing the following issues: (1) their perception of creativity in general; (2) their perception of the importance of creativity in the field of marital and family therapy; (3) their beliefs concerning their own creative abilities; (4) the ability to enhance creativity; (5) creativity in relation to the Building Therapy Solutions Tool (BTST); and (6) the possible effectiveness of the BTST regarding couple and family therapy. A total of 25 student therapists enrolled in the Family Sciences Department of Texas Woman’s University participated in this study. Findings shed light on the ability to enhance creative skills in family therapists as well as the possible effectiveness of the BTST regarding psychotherapy treatment in clients. The evaluation of the Building Therapy Solutions Workshop by the student therapists indicated solid and positive support for the workshop and additional support for the Building Therapy Solutions Tool. This researcher will continue refining the training tool and process for the purpose of delivering it to future audiences.



Psychology, Health and environmental sciences, Bronfenbrenner, Creativity, Csikszentmihalyi, Divergent thinking, Family therapy, Lego