A Novel Anti-Cancer p300 Inhibitor Downregulates Cell Cycle Checkpoint Genes in Human Breast Cancer Cells




Underbrink, Karen
Darwish, Omar
Bergel, Michael

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A novel bis-amixodime, JJMB9, developed by Drs Johnson and Bergel, was recently patented through TWU for its anti-cancer properties, both in cell culture and in vivo using a mouse mammary cancer model. This study investigates effects of JJMB9 on human breast adenocarcinoma cells (MCF-7) treated with JJMB9 compared to untreated MCF-7 cells. In addition to its cytotoxic effects, JJMB9 inhibits the transcriptional coactivator p300. Therefore, we expect cells treated with JJMB9 to have altered RNA profiles compared to untreated cells. RNA extracts from triplicate cultures of untreated and JJMB9-treated MCF-7 cells were processed and sequenced by Novogene. We focused first on genes downregulated by JJMB9. The database REACTOME provided information on differentially regulated genes associated with pathways. This analysis showed cell cycle checkpoint genes downregulated in JJMB9-treated cells, including four genes reduced more than 4-fold in expression. These genes’ products therefore may be validated as new targets for cancer therapy.


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Creative Arts and Research Symposium