A study of the prose style of selected sermons of John Keble

McKinnon, Frances M.
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The purpose of this thesis is to examine the prose style of two sermons of John Keble. The two sermons chosen for analysis are "The Duty of Hoping Against Hope," delivered by Keble in 1846 and Sermon L (Russian War), delivered in 1854. The method for analysis is taken from the essay, "A Method of Analyzing Prose Style with a Demonstration Analysis of Swift's A Modest Proposal"' written by Edward P. J. Corbett. Additionally, W. J. A. M. Beek states that Keble's prose style is "strikingly biblical in character" (4). This observation by Beek, as well as Corbett's premise that figures, tropes and schemes are indicative of "vivacity, vividness, and ornateness" are explored (85). Keble's use of sentences, words, paragraphs, and punctuation is examined. Richard Lanham's text, "Analyzing Prose" was also used. Other influences are evident in Keble's writings. These influences are acknowledged in the analyses of the two main sermons examined and in the additional four sermons looked at in the conclusion.

Philosophy, religion, theology, Language, literature, and linguistics, British and Irish literature, Composition, Rhetoric