Disabled Students in STEM Field

Gordon, Grace
Guillen, Melissa
Gurung, Siddharth
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The goal of this paper is to expose our audience to the continuous problem in society: the difficulties disabled students go through with STEM education, while also expressing and portraying their own ideas. We will open up the idea of how programs are currently operating versus what we can do to strengthen and expand the resources available and how they can be modified to create equity. This will be done by taking past, recent data, programs of STEM resources/education, to portray the potential changes occurring. Conclusively, we hope to maintain an objective and logical viewpoint of disabled students/people being able to have equal opportunities in STEM. For this to be effective, we may use visual aids (examples: graphic data and personal stories) to illustrate our ideas and make it appealing to the audience.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium