Effect of point-of-decision nutrition labeling on food choices at a military dining facility




Reid, Lisa Ann

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Purpose of this research was to determine whether Go for Green color-coded (green, amber, red) point-of-decision nutrition labeling with associated instruction and educational media would influence meal selections of Army Basic Combat Trainees at FT Sill, OK. Soldiers' meal trays were observed and digitally photographed twice (after food selection and after consumption) for 10 matched meal periods during pre- and post-labeling periods. Overall there was no significant increase in selection of Green entrees, vegetables and starches following labeling. However, labeling was accompanied by a significant increase in selection of peanut butter (+17.7%), bread/cereal (+13.4%), and prepared fruit (+6.0%) and decrease in selection of gravy (-6.6%), desserts (-12.9%), trail mix (-12.9%), and composed salads (-7.1%). No significant changes were revealed due to age or sex. Additional quantitative and qualitative research should be conducted to determine what influences Soldiers' food choices and ways to increase appeal of healthy food items.


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Social sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Military studies