Multisensorially integrating reading and composition: Effects on achievement of remedial readers in middle school

Dooley, Beverly
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The effectiveness of the multisensorially integrating reading and composition (MIRC) instructional approach, combining multisensory teaching, integration of reading and writing, and cooperative group work, to teach reading to seventh-grade poor readers was examined. The question asked was whether there would be a difference in word attack, reading rate, reading comprehension, and writing of students taught by MIRC and those taught by traditional reading instruction. A total of 179 students enrolled in reading improvement classes in 3 middle schools participated. The instructional treatments, MIRC and traditional reading instruction, were implemented for one semester. Eight subtests from three standardized tests of reading and writing were selected to measure word attack, reading rate, reading comprehension, and writing. Significant differences between groups were obtained on seven of the eight subtests. MIRC instruction assisted the seventh-grade poor readers to enhance their competencies in reading and writing.

Literacy, Reading instruction, Special education, Linguistics