Fracking freedom: A comparitive analysis of gas drilling in Hurst, Texas




Hall, Jennifer L.

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Texas Woman s University


The purpose of this thesis is to educate people about the natural gas drilling industry and the process used to harvest natural gas, hydro-fracturing, also known as fracking. Many natural gas drilling sites are being sited in close proximity to homes, schools, and agriculture, sometimes within 300-1500 feet. This thesis offers information about how natural gas is located, how natural gas wells are sited, and the types of chemicals are used during the drilling and production process. This thesis also defines environmental justice, explores past instances of environmental injustices, and argues that natural gas drilling is an environmental issue that may adversely affect the health and well-being of humans, non-human animals and nature. To illustrate my points, this thesis focuses on the Barnett Shale in North Texas and the City of Hurst, Texas, as the City Council considered approving gas drilling permits inside their city limits.



Women's Studies