A childhood obesity prevention initiative: Learning from parents by identifying knowledge, attitudes and barriers related to childhood obesity




Oldenburg, Danielle

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Childhood obesity prevalence is rising all over the world. Excess caloric intake and decreased energy expenditure cause obesity over time. Health problems caused by childhood obesity are affecting children and adults. Parents and caregivers are often responsible for providing meals and shaping lifestyles of children. Parents were recruited from childcare centers in Texas and asked to complete an online survey. SPSS was used for statistical analysis. Fifty-eight participants completed the survey. Over 90% of parents were able to identify risks of childhood obesity. Almost all (87.7%) were likely to correctly state or overestimate current childhood obesity prevalence. However, participants felt that parents were the most responsible party. Parents stated time and cost as major barriers. Taste was most important when buying food ( M=4.50). Results show that parents are aware of the childhood obesity epidemic and the role that they play in it, but are not correcting the problem at home.



Health and environmental sciences, Physiological psychology, Public health, Nutrition