Effect of lifewave patches on fat metabolism in moderately active women




Witt, John

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Lifewave patches are purported to restore the body's electromagnetic field, resulting in increased energy and fat metabolism. PURPOSE: To determine the effects of wearing Lifewave patches on body mass (BM), percent body fat (%BF), VO2 Peak, and mean exercise respiratory exchange ratio (RER) over 2 weeks. METHODS: Moderately active, nonsmoking, not pregnant or postpartum women were randomly assigned to an active or placebo group. Participants' BM, %BF, VO2 Peak, and mean RER at 60-70% VO2 peak were assessed on two separate sessions scheduled 2 weeks apart. Between sessions, participants wore one set of patches in different locations (wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles) every other day, and recorded daily food intake and daily exercise. RESULTS: There was no significant change in any of the variables over the intervention (p > .05). CONCLUSION: Lifewave patches do not improve BM, %BF, VO2 Peak, or fat utilization during submaximal exercise in moderately active women.



Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Womens studies, Nutrition