Development of a self-care assessment tool for hospitalized chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A methodological study




Michaels, Cathleen

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A methodological study was conducted to establish reliability and validity for a researcher-designed self-care assessment tool for hospitalized COPD patients. The tool consisted of 43 numerical rating scales organized into respiratory status, level of function, complexity of the plan of care, and familiarity with the plan of care composite scales. The tool was used by 43 in-patient medical-surgical registered nurse subjects to assess a simulated COPD patient by videotape during interrater reliability training and after training by 39 subjects to assess three additional simulated COPD patients.

Using descriptive, correlational, and comparative methods of research, the self-care assessment data demonstrated a statistically significant difference between preinstruction and postinstruction assessment scores, moderate levels of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced interrater reliability, and support for content and construct validity. The research findings supported the integrated theoretical framework based on Orem's (1980) self-care model, Bieri et al.'s (1966) dimensional clinical judgment model, and the rating scale measurement model from psychometric theory.



Reliability, Self-care, Assessment tool, COPD patients