Wives' perceptions of family needs related to employment relocation




Price, Terri Anne

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The purpose of this qualitative study, which was descriptive in method, was to explore the perceptions of 20 wives whose husbands had relocated within the past 12 months related to their employment. The researcher conducted in-depth interviews including six open-ended questions related to their most recent relocation experience. The focus of this study was to determine if employers are addressing the needs of relocating families as perceived by the wives.

Data analysis was conducted by listening to the recorded interviews twice and transcribing on the third review. Comments were transferred onto note cards mid a color coding scheme was developed to allow for grouping of categories. From the categories sixteen major themes arose.

The participants discussed importance of establishing a sense routine as quickly as possible following the relocation. Many participants loss of identity and feelings of loneliness related to the move. A desire for making connections and building new relationships in the new community was discussed by the majority of participants in this study. Concern for children's adjustment and relationship development was expressed by several of the participants whose children were still living in the home. Although these issues were discussed as primary concerns for the participants, many stated that they felt the move was best for their husbands' careers and, as a result, best for their families. Perceptions, values, and meanings applied to the issue of employment relocation greatly influenced the coping and adaptation processes of the participants in this study.

This study supports the need for additional research to be conducted to determine if needs of relocating families are being met by employers. Future research should include conducting a similar study with male partners whose female partners had relocated with their employment. Additional research may include similar research with other ethnic and racial groups. Ethnicity and nice may increase the accompanying stressors families experience when relocating.



Social sciences, Employment relocation, Family needs