Determination of the message content for educating the public about the health education profession




Williams, Susan

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The purpose of this study was to identify the contents of a marketing message that health educators need to transmit to the public about their profession. A questionnaire, developed by the researcher, was used to determine the message content. Four decision questions were asked of all participants. Data were collected by the Delphi technique, with chairpersons or their designees of college health education departments across the United States. Seventy-two participants completed all three rounds of the Delphi study. Content analysis was done on all three rounds of the study. The participants identified the main objective of the health educator as promoting healthy lifestyles and characteristics of a successful educator were excellent communication skills and the ability to work with people. The benefits the health educator offers the public were accurate information, and teaching decision making skills while their uniquenesses were professional training and emphasis on positive health attitudes.



Health education marketing, Medical marketing, Health education programs