Promoting Access to Services and Best Practices: Driver Rehabilitation Educational Resource Development




Luther, Tara

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Driving is one of the most important instrumental activities of daily living that allows people to move freely within the community (Davis et al., 2016). Inability to drive paired with limited access to alternate transportation is correlated with a decrease in quality of life, financial stability, health, and wellness. The purpose of this capstone project was to promote access to services and best practices in driver rehabilitation by developing educational resources specifically for driving educators and the public to increase awareness about driver rehabilitation and improve the screening practices of driving educators for people with disability or at risk of disability and promote referral of these clients to driver rehabilitation services when needed. I conducted a literature review and needs assessment to inform a plan of action for the development and implementation of the educational resources which included a 4-hour continuing education course for driving educators and three informational videos for the public. The results currently indicate that the continuing education course and YouTube videos are having a positive impact on driving educators and the public, with an increase in knowledge about driver rehabilitation services and confidence for screening students and making referrals to driver rehabilitation services when indicated.



Driver rehabilitation, Driver education, Driving instructors, Driving educators, Screening, Referral, Inclusivity, Accessing services, Continuing education, Occupational therapy