Using an escape activity in the classroom to enhance nursing student learning




Kubin, Laura

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Research has shown that the use of gaming simulations and escape rooms can foster critical thinking and learning. However, there is little documentation of escape room use in didactic classrooms. In this project, undergraduate nursing students were assigned preparation work before class. Following a content review, student groups solved puzzles and riddles applying the content to progress through the escape activity. Most groups (94%) successfully completed this activity. Content item test scores improved 5.9% from the previous semester. Most students (97%) reported that the activity improved their knowledge and ability to prioritize.


Article originally published in Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 13(7), 303–308. English. Published 2017.


Simulation, Escape room, Escape box, Breakout box, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Gaming, Gamification, Undergraduate nursing students


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