The sociology of teaching and learning undergraduate social statistics in higher education: Access, assessment and arts-based research methods

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This dissertation follows a three-article format. The unifying theme for all three articles are the ways in which instructors face the challenges of facilitating access to course knowledge for undergraduate students enrolled in online introductory statistics courses. Each of the three articles are interrelated by the unifying theme but contributes in its own distinct way. The first article is a systematic review of literature from 2010 to 2018, which explores broad theoretical questions related to access to statistical education opportunities, the challenges for learning, and the innovative strategies associated with teaching introductory statistics online. The second article is a qualitative classroom assessment of epistemically-focused course design and instructional strategies implemented in six sections of online undergraduate introductory social statistics courses (N students=103). The third article introduces the novel quilt/cARTography method designed to increase access to course knowledge through metaphorical and arts-based experiential instructional interventions. Collectively, these articles explore teaching and learning challenges and innovative instructional interventions associated with widening access to undergraduate statistical education through online course delivery

Online undergraduate social statistics education