Investigation of instructional methods in a community college course



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Community colleges have an open-door policy. With this open-door policy, many students enter the college underprepared for college level courses and require college preparatory courses in reading, writing, and/or mathematics. College preparatory math courses appear to be a blockade for the completion of bachelor degrees from college for a large proportion of community college students. There is a push in Texas to get students through college preparatory classes quicker. Colleges are looking for innovative ways to deliver college preparatory level courses faster while maintaining content quality.
One North Texas community college is meeting the needs of remediation for college preparatory students by offering Elementary Statistics paired with a non-course based math class (NCBM). In this study, the Chi-Square Test was used in order to determine if the college preparatory students are passing Elementary Statistics paired with the NCBM at the same proportion that college ready students are passing Elementary Statistics.



College preparatory, Pass rates, Elementary statistics