Hand range of motion, strength, dexterity, and pain as predictors of hand functional performance

Mitchell, Ann Elizabeth Burkard
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Purposes of this study were to determine (a) thresholds for the resources of range of motion (ROM), strength, dexterity, and pain in specific functional task performance in persons with diseased or injured hands using Nonlinear Causal Resource Analysis; (b) resources limiting performance; and (c) whether changes in resources would predict changes in performance. Twenty-one subjects were measured for hand ROM, grip and pinch strength, dexterity, pain, and self-reported performance of meal preparation and feeding, toileting, and dressing and grooming. Data were used to model resources required for performance and predict levels of performance. Twelve subjects were retested on the same variables, and the model developed initially was tested. Thresholds of performance and limiting resources were identified, and levels of task performance were predicted. In conclusion, results of this study suggest that this model may help clinicians identify limiting resources and predict task performance in individual patients with varied hand dysfunctions.

Rehabilitation, Range of motion, Strength, Levels of pain