Inspire to ASPIRE: Implementation of a Life Skills Program Dedicated to Middle School Students to Improve their QOL and Well-being




Gunn, Chanya

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Children who are raised in lower-income communities are likely to have increased stress levels and mental health problems. One of the most overlooked topics in society is the impact of these stressors on a child’s academic, mental, and social-emotional development. Due to this epidemic, I decided to create the ASPIRE program for middle school students who live in a disadvantaged community. This capstone paper will provide information regarding the program development and outcomes. The ASPIRE program intends to teach children life skills and strategies that can be used daily to enhance their QOL and well-being. Although the post-survey scores did not convey significant increases, the qualitative data shows evidence for the effectiveness and benefits of this program.



Middle school, Students, Life skills, Program development, Adolescents, Low-income communities, Disadvantaged populations, Program implementation, Mental health, Child development, Poverty-related stress