Sensitivity of the print tool: Discriminating children with and without handwriting difficulties




Crisman, Susan

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The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity of The Print Tool™ for discrimination between children with and without handwriting difficulties (HWD). Overall means of a convenience sample of 38 first, second, and third grade children with HWD were compared with a control group of 38 aged-matched children by grade and domain components. Findings revealed that the control group was significantly different than the HWD group, supporting the claim that The Print Tool™ discriminates between different groups. Ancillary to this, The Print Tool™ showed a discriminatory ability in both groups at all three grade levels. Domain components of placement and size also had significant differences across grade and group. Based on calculations, The Print Tool™ showed higher sensitivity than specificity meaning that it may be best to use the tool to evaluate children with existing HWD to further guide treatment and remediation rather than as a diagnostic tool.



Health and environmental sciences, Fine motor tasks, Classroom data gathering techniques